How to Apply Your Vinyl Lettering

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Application Surface:

The pre-spaced vinyl lettering can be placed on several smooth surfaces including walls, windows, mirrors, tile, wood and metal. Before applying the vinyl transfer, be sure that the surface is clean and dry. If you are applying vinyl quotes to a wooden board to make a sign, be sure that the paint is completely dry before proceeding. If the paint is not dry, the lettering will stick to the paint and easily peel off.

If you are applying your lettering as wall words be sure to clean the area before applying and allow adequate drying time. Vinyl lettering won’t damage the finish on your wall, but as with anything that you hang on your wall the sun can fade the paint that is exposed to sunlight while the vinyl letters or pictures will protect it leaving a ghosting effect.

Our Vinyl:

We use high quality vinyl that is designed to last 3 years outdoors. Since there are less dramatic changes in temperature and humidity indoors, the lifetime of the vinyl should be greatly extended. Your vinyl words can be safely and easily wiped down with a damp cloth when cleaning is needed.


Your vinyl transfers will come with transfer tape already applied to the front of the letters. The transfer tape, which is sticky and transparent, allows you to lift the vinyl letters off of their backing and transfer them to your wall. To be sure that all letters and punctuation is properly lifted by the transfer tape, you will need to rub the transfer tape over each character with a flexible plastic card (something similar to a credit card).

The easiest way to ensure that your quotes are straight on your wall is to use a ruler to make a guideline and then line up your lettering and tape the top edge of it along the guide line (you will tape the lettering to the wall just as it was sent to you with the backing and transfer tape intact). The tape itself acts as a hinge so that you can flip the lettering up and peel away the backing.

Once the backing has been peeled away let the lettering fall back in to position. Rub the lettering again with the flexible plastic object so that the adhesive on the back of the letters themselves stick to the wall. Peel the transfer tape off of the letters and admire your finished product!


If you ever need to remove your vinyl wall lettering all you need is a hair dryer. The letters should peel off easily when the heat of the dryer is applied to them.

Determining the size of letters you will need:

Before placing your order, measure the area that you will be applying your vinyl words to. If you are placing a quote on a large wall with a great deal of empty space, be sure to order lettering that is large enough to be seen and read. If you are considering 4” lettering for a wall that has 6’ by 10’ of empty space cut out a few pieces of paper 4” tall and hang them on the wall to see if they will be easy to read. We measure letters from the top of the tallest character (such as capital T) to the bottom of the lowest character (lower case y).


Not all fonts are created eaqual. 6” letters of one font will not have the same length as 6” letters of another font even if the quote is exactly the same. Width and spacing of the characters varies with each font. If you would like to know the EXACT length of your custom vinyl quote please email . Our custom lettering tool is usually within 10% to 20% of the actual size of your vinyl phrase.

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